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Medical Information Services

Healthcare professionals/Physicians often encountered new clinical questions in the Practice and frequently require new medical information to help them practice evidence-based medicine. Physicians/ Doctors need resources to obtain information quickly and easy access to evidence for clinical decisions while they care for patients.

With a high premium being placed on knowledge, the busy practitioner is always in need to keep abreast with the latest happenings in medicine. Making evidence quickly available to busy clinicians with results in formats that shows outcomes and bottom-line conclusions, helps clinicians in patient diagnosis and care at the point of need. With our clinician-friendly information resources, latest techniques and information in format that can be readily applied in a clinical environment, real-time evidence-based medicine is increasingly feasible.

At medONE, our goal is to help corporate provide healthcare professionals, academic, medical, and corporate professionals seeking fast, accurate answers to important questions that help to fuel discoveries, explore topics, or research new theories with timely, efficient and precise access to the latest medical research.

Medical Information Services division at medONE is equipped with subscription to medical databases like Ovid Medline, Micromedex etc. plus latest in technology (computers, Broad band connections, High speed printer etc.). This has reduced turnaround time for answering a medical query, which could be related to any therapeutic area, to 48hrs.