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Statistics (Biostatistics)

Our statistical services are provided by a team of experienced statisticians at medONE. Our statisticians are skilled in the design and analysis of clinical trials with varying designs such as parallel group, cross-over and Bayesian designs, pharmacokinetic/ pharmacodynamic evaluations, therapeutic equivalence testing and sequential designs.

A clear and detailed analysis plan is drafted prior to trials or prior to collecting patient data. This plan defines the primary and secondary endpoints; assumptions made, conventions used to derive new data and to estimate missing data, statistical analysis techniques, and lists all Tables, Figures and Listings to be produced.

Our statistical services include:

  1. Study design and analysis planning
  2. Central randomization
  3. Complete final analyses
  4. Unscheduled interim analyses
  5. Post-hoc and exploratory analyses
  6. Statistical consulting.

The statistical services of medONE, comply with international standards.