A reminded patient is a compliant patient.

Compliance to study medication and follow-up visits by patients is critical for clinical trial success. Simple and effective communication tool like SMS can be effective medium of communication with patient. SMS can help in improving compliance to study medication schedule and other clinical trial procedures.

They can prove to be effective medium for sending motivational or educational messages and help patient involvement and retention in clinical trials. Furthermore, the current rise in the use of mobile phones, sending SMS is a highly effective way of reminding and engaging patients in clinical studies.

DATAONE Text Messaging

With One of its kind feature, DATAONE has inbuilt SMS based multilingual messaging system for study medication & follow-up visits compliance. SMS Messages are scheduled automatically based on a patient’s enrollment date. These timely reminders and alerts help patients’ during course of clinical study; enabling site and sponsor to focus on drug development process.

Multilingual messaging system support English plus nine other Indian languages, with provision of adding more, type of messages include but not limited to:

  • Medication Reminders
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Motivational or educational messaging
  • Welcome message on enrolment
  • Thank you message on completing visit


Sponsor Benefits

  • Reduces costs associated with patient dropout and noncompliance
  • Increases the quality of the clinical trial endpoint data

Site Benefits

  • An easy channel of communication between site and patient
  • Patients arrive on time and prepared
  • Reduces patient dropout rate, thus reducing the workload associated with re-recruiting patients into the clinical trial

Patients Benefits

  • Personalized messages in patients' language, motivates their participation in long term studies.
  • Helps patients' to keep track of their medicine and study visit schedule

Medication Reminder

In today’s busy schedule probability of not remembering timing on medications is high, irrespective of fact, whether patient is taking multiple medications or only one prescription.

DATAONE medication reminders system helps to keep patients up to date and compliant to their study medication schedule.

Appointment Reminder

Non-attendance of patient for scheduled site visit can adversely affect study’s end points. Reason for missing site visit can be many, starting from forgetting appointment or confusion about dates or times.

Integrated Visit appointment reminder system of DATAONE informs patients well in advance about upcoming site visit schedule, ensuring patients turn up prepared for appointment.

Motivational or Educational Message

In addition to reminding patients about medication and site visit schedules, SMS can also be effectively used for patient support. SMS based patient education can have positive effect in increasing patients knowledge about disease/condition.

Educational and motivational SMS not only increases awareness of patients, but also keeps them actively involved in study, helping in improved patients’ compliance. DATAONE team assists you with timing and type of messaging patient understand and help you in connecting with patients better.