Inbuilt Online Query Management System (OQMS):

Inbuilt PAPER LESS query generation, resolution, review, tracking and documentation systems

DATAONE EDC system has inbuilt paperless query management system. The process of query Generation, Response, Review and Closure, is handled within EDC system itself, with no requirement of external resources. System has three inbuilt capabilities for query generation:

  • Automatic creation of data issues (System generated)

  • Tool for flagging discrepancies at data point during data review, without manual filling of form (on mouse Hover)

  • Online manual generation of query- Create query thru EDC interface

EDC system sends automated notifications to site on query generation or review; and to reviewer/monitor on response from Sites. System offers option to Reviewer/monitor to send back query to site, if not satisfied with response. System provides real time query view at each stage, with provision of generating PDF file of query for documentation purposes.

The EDC system provides real time query tracking and current status notification, and downloadable query log. In built OQMS helps in early generation and resolution of data issues.